Monday, February 21, 2005

Welcome to the Organic Baby Farm!

Welcome, Herald-Journal readers, to the Organic Baby Farm! Some of you may be here because you are curious about blogs. I hope you find something you like here, and come back to read more in the future.

I will take this opportunity to let you in on a few of the "inside jokes". First, the Organic Baby Farm is a metaphor for my home, because I'm raising a crop of children. I don't actually sell them or feed them actual crap, although I sometimes jokingly try to persuade them that they came from cabbages that I bought at the Gardeners' Market. Second, I blog under a pseudonym, but I am a real person and it's not very difficult to figure out who I really am, especially if you live in Cache Valley. I would ask that you respect my privacy by not calling me at home or TP'ing my house if I post something you don't like. Finally, this is not a news blog. There are plenty of good news blogs out there if you want to keep up on everything that's important in the world. OBF is where you come when you want to get the latest recipe, find out what random thing Sonshine has done lately, or get involved in a bit of local culture.

At the bottom of each post you'll see a link that says "Fertilizer" and one that says "Water." "Fertilizer" is comments that people leave; "Water" is trackbacks (links from other blogs).

While I try to keep it clean enough to merit a PG-13 rating, I do occasionally use a turn of phrase or blog on a subject that some of my more prudish readers might not care for (one described my blog as "lurid"). As far as blogs go, this one is pretty clean. But I am absolutely unapologetic about the subjects I choose to blog on, even if I occasionally make a poor choice of words. I don't use most of the more egregious swear words; if occasionally I get mad enough to use one of the milder ones, I may spell them out with symbols. But I do use words like "crap" and "damn". If you are offended by those words, there are other blogs you could read instead... if you can find one that doesn't use them, or worse. And you will never catch me saying "Oh my heck," unless I am poking fun at local culture. (I've often been heard to say that out here English muffins are ethnic food, but that's changing so I don't say it as often.)

A partial list of the subjects I blog on:
A few notes about blog etiquette for the newbies:
  1. When you visit someone's website, it's like visiting with that person on her porch. Behave appropriately.
  2. Comments are welcome, but on any site you have to follow that site's comment policy. Some sites allow or encourage invective- or profanity-laced comments; this site is not one of those.
  3. My first blogiversary is coming up on March 9. A blogiversary is the anniversary of beginning to blog. Appropriate gifts for readers to give to bloggers on their blogiversary include luxury cars, diamond jewelry, and other very expensive things. ;)