Thursday, August 26, 2004


Since I now have enough readers that I'm starting to get comments, I should probably make up a comment policy.

First, keep 'em clean. My mother reads this blog. She got upset that I wrote "...and feeding them nothing but crap" at the top of my blog. Don't write anything that would embarrass me in front of my mother.

Second, no link-whoring or spambots. If you have a topical post on your blog, please link to it. But if you just want gratuitous links, join the Alliance of Free Blogs.

Third, keep the comments brief. If you want to fisk something I wrote or something I linked to, do it on your own blog. The rule I use for making my own comments on other blogs is "if it takes more than three paragraphs, do it on your own bandwidth."

Last, it's bad form to come to someone's personal blog and insult everything they hold dear. If you think I'm wrong, OK, explain why you think I'm wrong. But if you think I'm a raving lunatic, don't come here just to insult me. Besides, under the new medical privacy laws, being a raving lunatic is between me and my psychiatrist!