Thursday, April 08, 2004

Men's Resource Center

A passing mention was given in our campus newspaper about the Women's Resource Center, and I started wondering. Why isn't there a Men's Resource Center? Of course, we all know the answer to that one. (sarcasm on, with hand gestures parroting speech) Women are oppressed by men, and so they need a center to counteract that disadvantage. (sarcasm off)

Other than pushing a pro-abortion agenda, what do Women's Centers on campuses do for women? They offer breast cancer awareness. Well, men get prostate cancer. They offer contraception. Well, men have sex just as often as women do. They offer child care finding resources. Well, men have children too. They offer scholarships for women returning to academic life after a long hiatus. Guess what? Men do that too. And lastly, (parroting hand gestures again) women are oppressed by our culture and need more support. (end hand gestures). Can you honestly say that men aren't oppressed by a culture that tells them that if they are good at choreography and have good taste, they must be gay?? There's nothing women can do that men can't also do. Well, at least, nothing that a Resource Center could help them with.

If we're going to have a Women's Resource Center, it's only fair that we have a Men's Resource Center too. Anything less would be sexist.