Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Planning The Presentation

Here's what I've got for our upcoming presentation on the Philippines for Girl Scouts Around The World on Saturday the 26th:

We are supposed to have a food sample for 250 people, a game or dance, and a sign, and anything else we'd like to have will be at our discretion. For our food we will be serving bibingka. It seemed easier to orchestrate 250 servings of bibingka than 250 servings of chicken adobo or puto. Plus, coconut is a very popular flavor out here, so I think bibingka will go over well. For our dance we will be doing the tinikling (bamboo stick dance). It's really fun and relatively easy to try (although it's proving to be a bit difficult to master). Tomorrow we will be teaching the tinikling to the troop, so they can help with it on the 26th. For our sign-- well, we'll have to get a posterboard and make it. I hope I can delegate that to somebody else. It's just a sign with our troop number and country on it.

I ordered a flag of the Philippines. I already have some adult-sized Filipino costumes, but they are too small for me, so I'll be displaying one on my mannequin and some of the barong tagalog (sheer embroidered shirts for men, worn over white undershirt and black pants) on a nearby table or wall. Favorite Husband has a more modern barong which his mother bought for him to attend family weddings, but he doesn't like wearing it and I don't want to ask him to. I will also bring my 10'x10' canopy if we need it, to set our space apart for the tinikling. I downloaded some pictures of Filipino Girl Scouts in their uniforms from the website of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines. (We are supposed to have this information on our troop's chosen country if we can get it, because this is a festival of international Girl Scouting.)

If I play my cards right, I may be able to get FH to dance the tinikling-- he's actually quite good. Tiny Princess practiced all afternoon on Sunday and she's getting pretty good too.