Saturday, February 12, 2005

Avast Ye Mateys, 'Tis A Pirate Party

Sonshine's 5th birthday is coming up next month, and we are planning a pirate party. It's going to be fun. I ordered the supplies and they'll be coming in a couple of weeks.

I plan to make a cake and frost it with blue frosting, and I bought a toy pirate ship with action figures to set atop the Blue Frosting Sea. I ordered cardboard pirate treasure chests to decorate, and plastic gold coins to fill them. I ordered swords and eye patches for each of the kids. We'll have to make hats, though; there wasn't enough room in the budget to buy the hats too.

If I have time, I may try to deck out Sonshine's bed as a pirate ship, and dress Bagel up as a parrot.