Wednesday, February 09, 2005


It's a really slow blog week. The blogosphere is all alight over a bunch of unimportant stuff. Eason Jordan's lies unsubstantiated charges are the subject of every other post on Power Line and two out of every three posts on Captain's Quarters. BO-ring! I mean, it's important and all, but surely there are other things going on in the world worth posting about. For one, there was that girl that got scalped.

Sorry for the light posting. Normally on a week like this one I'd post a rambling essay on some aspect of life, but this week I've got a bunch of extra duties for the Girl Scout cookie sale, and I just did my taxes, and we're still catching up on housework from that whole week of being sick plus the breathless week of pneumonia, and the kids are still hard to handle. I can't send Sonshine outside to play until he stops coughing. Bagel wants his mommy play time, and Princess is at a phase where she needs some attention too. And Favorite Husband is still puking coughing his lungs up, so it's difficult to get any sleep.

Fortunately, we've decided that when we get our tax refund, we are buying a mattress. Our current mattress is the original X-Tra Cheap Furniture Store Special that we bought when we got married nearly 12 years ago. There's no point in turning this thing any more, because it's got foot-deep trenches on every side. So hopefully with a new mattress, I'll be able to sleep better, my back won't hurt as much, and I won't be too tired to blog.