Monday, February 14, 2005


Readers, I need your help: I am brainstorming ideas for food at the pirate party. After the kids' party with all the kiddie fun, we have the family over and serve dinner. Yesterday the kids, FH, and my sister M and I brainstormed and came up with some ideas of food with a pirate or nautical association:

cocktail weenies with sword picks
submarine sandwiches
buffalo "parrot" wings
"parrot" (chicken) legs
sweet red peppers
Chips Ahoy cookies
rum-flavored Life Savers
some sort of non-alcoholic rum-flavored drink
Goldfish crackers
fish 'n' chips

I'd also thought of coconut shrimp, but we can't serve either coconut or shrimp (or nuts) because of food allergies in family members. Obviously we can't serve all of the foods listed, so I'd appreciate your input as to what you think we ought to serve. Also if you have any other ideas, please drop them in the comments.