Tuesday, March 30, 2004

It Came Back To Bite Me In The...

I came up with what I thought was a creative solution to the "but MOMMMMMMMMMM..." problem. Whenever the kids would say "but MOMMMMMMMMMM..." I would come back with, "I'm not your 'BUTT-Mom'!" And it worked too, until this morning when it came back to bite me.

Sonshine knows he's not supposed to get up at ungodly hours and come disturb my "Mommy Time" in the early morning when I read my news, but that doesn't stop him. So I was trying to explain to him why I need the "Mommy Time" to eat my breakfast and read my news without being constantly interrupted by demands for food and having to break up fights. "You fight all the time," I said. "In fact, you do nothing BUT fight."

"No, we don't! We don't BUTT-fight!!"

I gave him my toast.