Thursday, March 29, 2007

Stupid Anti-Mormon Tricks

Today in the mail we got an anti-Mormon DVD. I hadn't even looked much at it, because I was focused on the kids today (all three boys were on the verge of meltdown all day), but when FH came home and went through the mail, he was like "Oh cool, a DVD!" and immediately started watching this in front of all the kids. I could tell right away that this was yet another tired piece of anti-Mormon propaganda. I'd heard all this crap before. What little in it that happens to be true is usually a sensationally-worded misrepresentation of the truth. Unfortunately I couldn't get FH to turn the damn piece of trash off; he kept saying he wanted "information," although I don't know what sort of "information" he thought this video would give him, other than the "information" it gave me, which is that its makers are idiots.

What steams me most about this DVD is the part at the beginning where they say they're doing this out of "love" for Mormons. Right, SURE they are. Because when they thought of all the people in the world who need their attention and could use the money they spent on producing and distributing this DVD, they skipped right over the starving people of Bangladesh, the genocide in Darfur, and the persecuted Buddhists in Thailand, and they went straight for the Mormons of Utah and Arizona. Hell, they even skipped right over all the Catholics, Hindus, and Muslims closer to home, to go minister to the poor benighted Mormons. It reminds me of the scene in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince where Minister of Magic Scrimgeour "happens" to show up at the Weasley's at Christmas and "happens" to pick Harry to take him for a walk in the garden. In the snow. Riiiiight, it's just a coincidence. Because they just looooooove us sooooo muuuuuuch.

As soon as FH was done with it, I broke the DVD in half and threw it in the trash. I came pretty close to burning the damn thing, but there were dishes in the sink, and I knew FH would complain about the smell, and besides tomorrow is trash day so I'll just take it straight out to the curb, after I pour the dirty diapers on top of it.