Friday, March 23, 2007

I'm All In Favor of Carbon Offsets

So many of my fellow righties are all up in arms over the whole idea of selling "carbon offsets". This involves paying someone to plant a tree somewhere else. I don't see a problem with it.

I would love it if people in New York or Los Angeles would pay me, say, $50 to plant a tree to offset their sinful carbon usage. I would then go down to Home Depot and buy a small tree for $30, dig a hole and plant it in my yard, thus increasing my property value. If they need more than one tree, I could collect $50 more and get a second tree, then visit all my neighbors and say "Hey, you want a tree for your yard?" In fact I bet I could get 10 neighbors to plant trees in their yards and I'd pocket $200 for making one trip to Home Depot and visiting my neighbors! And it would all be totally ethical, because who cares why these people are paying me to do it? If they want me to plant a tree, and I want to plant a tree, and a tree is a good thing, what's the problem?

So now the only question is how to scale up the business. I could place ads in the paper to find people other than my neighbors who want a free tree for their yards. I bet I could give away over 1000 trees that way. That would make me $20,000 at least (if I buy that many trees I could probably get a wholesale price and make even more). And I wouldn't even have to dig all those holes!

If there's nothing wrong with selling rosary beads to Catholics, then there's nothing wrong with selling carbon offsets to environmentalists.