Friday, March 09, 2007

Oh, The Hairror!

I had nearly waist-length hair until yesterday, when I chopped it all off by myself.

For about a year I've been dying to get out and get a haircut, but it never worked out. On any given day I either didn't have time, or didn't have money. Meanwhile, my hair got longer and longer. I never had time to do anything with it but pull it back into a ponytail. Knuckles would pull on it. Every time I sat down my ponytail got in the way, unless I put it up, and then every time I drove in the car, my bun got in the way of the headrest. It was so heavy it was giving me headaches. I felt like there was an animal on my head with a long tail hanging down my back.

So yesterday I washed it, tied it back into a braid, and chopped it off with a pair of scissors. Then I gave myself bangs, which I haven't had in years.

I did the best I could to even out what was left, but thanks to my lovely kids (who will walk past three bins of toys to play with one thing that isn't a toy) I no longer have a hand mirror, so I couldn't see the back. I'm sure it looks like crap in the back, but at least it looks OK from the front, and it's not bothering me anymore.