Tuesday, February 20, 2007

At Least He Got A Good Night's Sleep

We spent the holiday weekend at my parents' house in Logan. On Saturday we had a little party for Knuckles' first birthday. I made a vegan chocolate cake, substituting a rice/potato/tapioca mix for the flour. It was tasty, but it was really really dense. In the future I'll try it with a bit of xanthan gum to see if I can improve the texture. After the party we went to the temple. I hadn't been to the temple in a long time because of all the difficulties with the pregnancy and later the kids' medical problems, so it was a real treat.

Saturday night I was up all night long. I had some, um, gastrointestinal difficulties that kept me up all night. But I would have been up all night anyway. I neglected to tell Princess specifically to put her bottle of melatonin up where a small child could not get it, so she left it on the nightstand where Bagel got ahold of it and ate the entire contents. We don't know exactly how much he ate, but we estimate it at about 30-40 mg of melatonin. By the time we discovered this around midnight, he had been asleep for about 8 hours. I was able to rouse him and get him to answer questions about where the melatonin had gone, but he went right back to sleep. I figured he'd probably be all right, and he was, but I still checked on him every hour all night long until he woke up normally in the morning. He was none the worse for wear, although he was extremely hungry from having slept through dinner.

At any rate I finally got enough to eat at my parents' house, and I was able to go shopping too. Logan had plenty of good foods available in the markets, so I got lots of nice things to eat to hold me over till I can make and freeze a stock of my own homemade stuff.

I have a lot of work to do today so I won't be able to blog about much, but at least this will keep everyone somewhat up to date.