Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gluten Free Breads #4 and 5

I made the pumpkin bread again, but instead of milk I used rice milk, and instead of the egg I used applesauce. Also by mistake I put in twice the amount of potato starch, so I reduced the cornstarch accordingly. The resulting pumpkin bread was palatable, but the texture was kinda glossy and rubbery like some sort of ersatz bread. It also contains cornstarch, which is a problem. But I had to have something to eat, and corn was one of the more minor allergens. Also it was never going to be corn-free to begin with, since the baking powder has cornstarch. I'm going nuts on this diet. I thought I had it bad with the gestational diabetes; this is much, much worse. At least then I could eat the breads I liked, I just had to adjust the timing and quantity. Now, like Arthur Dent, I'm stuck in a parallel universe where all the foods available are almost, but not quite, unlike foods I know.

Gluten Free Bread #5 is from a bag of Candadi Yeast Free Rice Bread Mix which someone gave me. Reading the ingredients I guessed this would be like a soda bread. It is almost, but not quite, unlike soda bread. I used milled flax seed as an egg substitute since the recipe called for eggs. This bread is really hideous and if I weren't so hungry, I'd have thrown it out. It's chalky on the outside and rubbery on the inside. It feels like a brick, so if anyone tries to break into my house, I'll be sure to hit them over the head with it. I think the flax seeds are the only thing giving this bread any kind of flavor.