Thursday, February 08, 2007

Another Fun Day

I closed one of the compromised bank accounts on Monday, so I was surprised to discover today that it was $56.00 overdrawn. The bank fixed the problem (or at least they say they're going to fix it first thing tomorrow morning) by refunding the amount then closing the account. We'll just have to wait and see if that's really what they do. What I'm afraid will happen is that the refund for the $56.00 will come through, but not before another charge for being another day overdrawn comes through, so the account will continue to be overdrawn and will not close and I'll have to be on the phone again tomorrow doing the exact same thing I did today.

I also discovered that the other compromised bank account, which had some automatic debits that I didn't have time to stop, was not working the way the bank said it would. I gave the bank a list of transactions that I expected to come through, and I was assured that those transactions would be paid out of my other account, but apparently that's not the case. The leasing company from whom I lease my POS terminal has been calling me all day long. When they called the first time I straightened it out and gave them the new account info, but evidently I was on their list of people to call constantly all day long and taking care of business did not remove me from that list. Half the phone calls I got today were from the leasing company. When they picked up each time they just said, "Never mind." It's hard to "never mind" when you had to extricate yourself from underneath a couple of babies and find where they'd carried the phone off to in order to hear them say "never mind."

Sonshine's still home from school. The doctor doesn't want him to go to school until we get his asthma under control, but even if we do get it under control, I don't know if I want him to go back. The school has made it perfectly clear that they want his treatment plan to be a script of all possible scenarios and that any scenario that arises that isn't in the script will result in no treatment at all being given and me being called to pick him up and take him off their hands. Of course it's impossible to script every possible thing that might happen, and I get the distinct impression that they really don't want some stupid asthmatic skinbag making trouble around their nice neat piles of properly-signed papers and would gladly send him home on the slightest pretext ("It says do this if his lips turn blue, but his lips are more of a periwinkle, so come get him"). So I think it may be better for us just to homeschool Sonshine. That way he'll always be with someone who is actually willing to help him out when something goes wrong.

Finally, we got Knuckles' allergy test results back. He has Level 4 allergies (the worst) to eggs, peanuts, milk, and wheat, Level 3 allergy to soy, and Level 2 allergies to pork and gluten. We have to eliminate these seven things from his diet for six months, after which time we can give him soy, pork, and gluten in small quantities and no more often than once in four days. So I have a lot of fun ahead of me.