Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Well, I did it

I took down my Curious Workmanship shop and put up a page referring people to my Etsy shop.

I really, really wanted to have both, but I can't have both and have kids and a life. And the Etsy shop was generating the vast majority of the sales, plus it was easier to use. I always had stuff that I was meaning to do with my shop and never did, like see if I could get the Quickbooks import module to work without crashing the shop or disabling the database backup feature, or fixing the bug where tax-exempt Utah customers are charged sales tax (I made a workaround for that which made payments correct to within a penny, but it bugged me that they'd be off). I need to learn some basic PHP before I can do these things, but I don't have time. Hopefully by the time I can get my shop back up, ZenCart will have been through some more revisions and will be including the Products With Attributes Stock mod so that I can update to the latest version instead of having to use an older version because the new version wasn't compatible with that mod. And maybe I'll have time to learn some CSS to make a very nice template.

Hopefully all this will happen before, not after, I drop dead of exhaustion.