Saturday, May 26, 2007

Vacationblogging: The Pornographic Restaurant

This evening we met up with my uncle and aunt, and went out to dinner at a place called Buca di Beppo, which evidently is Italian for "softcore pornography." The place was decorated with memorabilia and pictures of Italian people making funny faces, but among those were some very, ahem, interesting pictures, like one of a nude male statue holding his private parts, or a woman posing on a car, and any number of cute baby bottoms, winged cherubs, and pics of cheesecake in bikinis. Sonshine noticed each and every one of these pictures right away, and though we tried to downplay them for the sake of his sanity, it eventually became too much for him to bear and he had to be removed from the restaurant. Thankfully he decided to use his words and ask to be removed from the restaurant instead of having a complete meltdown and forcing us to bodily remove him from the restaurant. The food was excellent and the service was great. Our server found that the chef had sprinkled some flour on Knuckles' chicken breast and had him re-do it because of Knuckles' wheat allergy. We were lucky to have such an attentive server.

After that we went to Downtown Disney. There was a wedding going on there, and any number of prom dates in formal dresses. Downtown Disney is one of those places that's designed to simulate some sort of vibrant marketplace, but really is all owned by the same firm, as witnessed by the same souvenir merchandise being available in every store. Having been at actual vibrant marketplaces, I rather resent that, and dislike the faux-marketplace effect.

Sonshine went absolutely insane with delight because there was a Lego store. He rocked his head back and forth at the sheer pleasure of being in a shop surrounded entirely by the objects of his Asperger's obsession. We bought him a small bucket of Lego wheels and a Lego bulldozer, but only after he spent a large quantity of time and effort running back and forth between every display, vaccilating over which precious treasures he wanted to take home from this Eden.

Princess, sadly, lost her "Princess Doll", a little rag doll that I made for her when she was very young. She had put her in her sack, but the doll must have fallen out somewhere in Downtown Disney. We looked for the doll, but to no avail. I tried to get ahold of the lost and found there by phone when we got home, but no one answered because it was "after hours". I'll try again on Sunday.

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