Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Stuff I Don't Blog About

Since Assistant Village Idiot was so kind as to not tag me with an assignment to write about 5 things about myself that I have not blogged about, I'll only write about three.

1. I love fair division. I don't blog about fair division, though, even though it was the topic of my Master's paper and I could say quite a bit about it, or mathematical topics in general for that matter. This is largely because if I did, the few readers I have would either fall soundly asleep, wander away, or edge away nervously with their hands on the can of mace in their pockets. I've found that few people outside of the fields of mathematics and economics find fair division as fascinating as I do, despite the fact that it would totally improve their lives if only it were in widespread practice. I have thought seriously about adding fair division information to Wikipedia though.

2. I don't blog about every little annoying thing that FH does. I'm working hard at not focusing on these things. Blogging about them would work at cross purposes to that. Rest assured I am thoroughly annoyed by them though. Why just today, after I went to the bank... Nope, not gonna do it.

3. I refuse to tell you all about the time I became a Playboy Playmate without posing nude. No, really, it's a true story, and it's funny and totally PG, involving nothing sexier than a slinky black dress. My mom reads my blog though, and I don't think she'd appreciate me even mentioning Playboy.