Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Week In Logan

Last Tuesday I left for Logan to spend nearly a week there. I sold at Baby Animal Days at the American West Heritage Center, and we spent Easter with my folks.

Baby Animal Days didn't start till Thursday, but I wanted to do some shopping on Wednesday so we went early. Tuesday night we had Seder dinner with my family. My sister made nut-free haroset and chose an allergen-free grape juice, and my father bought us rice cakes to use instead of matzos and went to the very impressive length of making his own allergen-free ketchup to cook the brisket. I am so grateful to both of them, because without their efforts, my Passover dinner would have consisted of parsley, peas, and horseradish.

Wednesday I did my shopping and at my mother's suggestion went to get fitted for a bra by Margene Yeaton. My mom bought me some bras, which were fabulously expensive but fit really well (thanks so much Mom!) I ended up in a very different size bra than I had been wearing, but it fits so well that I can jump up and down, which I haven't been able to do since I was about 19 or 20. With my bust now up where it's actually supposed to be, my breasts now stick out so far from my body that I'm afraid they may put people's eyes out. :)

Baby Animal Days went well, with nearly $500 in sales. I came pretty close to lowering my prices on the booties, but I held firm and sold them at the same price they were selling at online, and I did all right.

In the booth next to me was Childrens Needs, a local business. I got a sheepskin for Knuckles to sleep on, and George The Bouncing Horse. They recommend those riding bouncing balls for sensory integration dysfunction, so I thought George might be good for Bagel and Sonshine to get some deep pressure stimulation from. Knuckles likes to sit on it too, although his toes barely touch the ground when he does. When I brought George home, my mom saw him and bought one for the Family Support Center's toy lending library, and one for my nephew. My sister showed hers to my nephew's therapist and he loved it so much as a therapy toy, that he wanted one too. So hopefully Childrens Needs will get some more business and George will get some exposure among occupational and physical therapists that work with children, because George is a really cool toy.

I made the Easter chocolates out of Enjoy Life allergen free chocolate chips. If you want to know if it was worth it, here's my answer:
Five pounds of allergen free chocolate chips: $27.18.
Seeing your food-allergic son smile a big chocolate bunny-eating grin on Easter morning: priceless.