Tuesday, May 08, 2007

News Flashes

  • Knuckles' celiac panel came back negative for celiac disease, so he's just allergic to gluten. Since that's only a Class 2 allergen for him, he's likely to grow out of it. He's not, however, likely to grow out of the wheat allergy, but at least later on in life he'll be able to have barley and such.
  • I did a central checkout show in South Jordan, in the Daybreak area. It went fine. I'd consider doing it again. The houses in Daybreak are way gorgeous, and they're all crowded together on postage-stamp lots, some of which don't even have frontage. And good luck finding your way in or out through the spaghetti bowl of streets. Princess went with me and we stopped at Jordan Landing and bought her a nice new bathing suit and some tops. She is getting so big!
  • Sonshine now wants to be called by his middle name. A child at school was calling him after a cartoon character that shares his first name, and he didn't like it, so he thinks changing his name will help. We're calling him by his middle name now to show our support for him, but also encouraging him to simply tell the other kid that he doesn't like it and see if he can get him to stop. It's helpful that Mitt Romney is running for President on his middle name. He was about Sonshine's age when he started using his middle name, and for much the same reason as Sonshine. So we'll see how it goes.
  • Bagel's almost 3 now (only about 6 more weeks!) and he says he wants a truck cake for his birthday. Every day he asks me about it, so I'd better make him one. :)