Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Oh my

Every morning since 9/11 I wake up and check the news on the internet first, before I turn on the radio. I call it "checking to make sure the rest of the world is still there." So I checked the news this morning and I saw that Democrats had taken both the House and the Senate.

I keep trying to tell myself that this is not a horrible event, and in truth it isn't. It's just that this is the sort of event that immediately and inevitably precedes horrible events.

I'm very worried now. I used to be a Democrat, and I'm half Democrat on my mother's side. But the party left me years ago, at the Clinton impeachment. When I heard all the Democrats (not just a few) arguing like third-graders caught with hands in the cookie jar, I was disgusted to be a member of that party. And now it's the Republicans that stand for what I've always stood for. I can't understand why my mom doesn't switch parties, because it's clear to me that the Democrats no longer stand for any of her principles either.