Friday, September 29, 2006

I Got Books!

It occurred to me that since I am technically on the USU faculty, I have faculty borrowing privileges at the main USU libraries. And USU Libraries has a program for serving the extension campuses. So I sent for two books earlier this week. And today they arrived on my doorstep!

This is really, really cool. All the books I want to read, delivered straight to my door, for FREE! No interlibrary loan fees. No waiting for months for the books to arrive. No one-week deadline to finish the reading (faculty get books for three months at a pop). And if I don't want to mail them back, I can always drop them off next time I'm in Logan. Perfection!

You all should go out and get a Master's degree right now, and get yourself hired on at a USU extension so that you too can enjoy these privileges!