Thursday, September 28, 2006

Corruption In Sodor

The island of Sodor, where Thomas the Tank Engine resides, must be riddled with corruption. Broken tracks seem to be a pervasive problem for the trains on Sodor. The breaks appear to be related to use of substandard materials, because there have been documented incidents where hailstorms have produced substantial gaps and bending in the metal rails.

We know that Sodor has a nationalized railway system, which is controlled (apparently without any oversight) by Sir Topham Hat, a man who looks like he was cut and pasted out of a Monopoly game. Anyone who in this day and age could wear a top hat to work with his three piece suit shows that he cares little for public opinion. Is Sir Topham Hat skimming money from the track repair budget? And exactly what does Harold the Helicopter do? It seems like he's in every picture, just hovering there. Is he Sir Topham Hat's little snitch?