Saturday, October 07, 2006

Life Imitates Art

This could have been an article from The Daily Prophet! (Pre-Half Blood Prince, though.)

To make Potter fans feel better, here is a picture of Dolores Umbridge's office. It's quite... pink. The kitten plates aren't nearly as hideous as I'd imagined; I'd pictured them as being more like Precious Moments or anime style, with way more aw-shucks cuteness and humungus eyes. They would, however, go very nicely with these accessories that are prominently displayed in the back of a drawer in my house. (Those are salt and pepper shakers, a sugar bowl and cream pitcher.)

Of course, I also pictured Umbridge as looking a lot more like a chubbier version of Mrs. J-------, my elementary school teacher, with a lot less retro style and more toad-like features.