Saturday, August 05, 2006

See All The Pretty Colored Ribbons

Scenes from the Tooele County Fair Home Arts exhibit:

This turkey dish scrubber got a second place ribbon.

The turtle scrubber is almost entirely obscured by a first place ribbon.

The brand new penguin scrubber got a second place in its category.

Organic cotton baby booties: first place.

Rainbow dish scrubber and "hot pads" (you can only enter one item per category) have first place ribbons. The "hot pads" blue ribbon says "First Premium". I think that means they won an actual prize (not just a ribbon), although the only mention of premiums I could find in the entry guidelines was that the winners in categories like jams and bread win 10 lb. bags of sugar or something.

Skillet handle cover gets first place.

The three dishcloth set in a color combination I call "Fire" gets first place.

The poncho has a pretty green ribbon that says "Sweepstakes" on it and is displayed among other items with the same ribbon on it. Damned if I know what that means though.

Tie-dyed onesies and bibs; the green and black one on the right has a "First Premium" ribbon, while the other ones are missing even their entry tags.

Not pictured because it wouldn't upload for some reason: the blue turtle soap holder won another first place ribbon. I couldn't find the hat or the pink flower scrubber, so I think maybe they didn't win anything.

Oh, and by the way, I made all these items. Not gloating, of course; I just enter these things so I can see all the pretty colored ribbons. I like ribbons, they're really shiny and have sparkly gold letters on them. And blue just happens to be my favorite color, so I really like it when they give me ribbons in my favorite color.

UPDATE: The hat got a blue ribbon and the flower scrubber got a red ribbon. Oh, and the sweepstakes ribbon means an extra $5 in cash for the prize. Yay, cash! And, I got $26 for prizes! Yay, more cash! Maybe now I can go buy Sonshine all the breakfast foods he likes that he was whining that we didn't have this morning (I guess cereal and toast aren't good enough for Mr. Restaurant Patron).