Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Creating Demand In The Marketplace Of Ideas

Today I got a call from one of those family-film companies disguising their sales pitch as a survey. They had horribly leading questions like "Don't you agree that Hollywood is producing 12 R-rated movies for every G-rated movie and that since Hollywood is the only source of movies, it should produce more family-friendly films?" One "question" went on for about three long sentences. When the telemarketer finally finished her paragraph and let me get a word in edgewise, I told her I disputed her premise that Hollywood is the only source of movies. I explained to her how people upload content to the internet and we spend a lot of time watching crazy movie clips of people having skateboarding accidents. She promptly replied "ThankYouByeBye" and hung up.

Today I also got a friend started on cloth diapers. She has a two-year-old who's potty training and poops regularly in his pants, and a 1-month-old baby. I told her how much stress it took off me to be using cloth diapers for a smaller baby while potty training the older child, because I could put the dirty underpants in the diaper pail instead of having to wash them individually. She thought that sounded appealing, especially thinking of all the money she'd save on diapers for the little one. So this evening I gave her a diaper pail tutorial and lent her my newborn size diapers to try.

I've been frustrated lately because there just doesn't seem to be much demand in the Marketplace Of Ideas around here. So today was a good day. I got to spread some ideas around.