Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Chef Bagel

I just bought a rather large and inexpensive stock pot. Yesterday Bagel dragged it into the kitchen and instructed me to "cook!" Since the pot hadn't been washed for the first time and I had no immediate plans to use it, I allowed Bagel to play with it. But he was overtired, so he went down for his nap.

This morning, when he got up, he wanted to play with the pot. He removed five potatoes from the potato bin and put them in the pot. Then he tried to spear one with the spoon I had given him, but he decided the potatoes needed something. He brought one to me, mimed the action of peeling, and said "cut!" So I peeled the potato. He brought me each of the five potatoes and I peeled them all, laughing because it was so cute. Then he said "wawa!" and pointed in the pot, so I put some water in the pot. What he would have done after that, though, we will never know, as he got into a tantrum having something to do with a mislocated chair, and is now preoccupied by eating a slice of cheese which has been buttered at his request. But I think he might have been trying to make potato salad.

Obviously, someone's been paying VERY close attention when Mommy's cooking.

In unrelated news, Bagel has been learning his colors. He can reliably identify blue, white, and green, and unreliably identify red and yellow. I haven't tried orange yet, as I suspect it might make him hungry.