Monday, July 03, 2006

Bagel's Meds

During that fateful trip to the doctor's, Bagel got a 'scrip for Zyrtec as well as one for an albuterol inhaler. This is (mostly) the same regime FH is on for his allergies (FH has eyedrops and a nose spray in addition). And can I just say, it is like a MIRACLE. I can take Bagel outside to play and he doesn't cough till he pukes any more. Trust me, you DON'T want to be stuck inside with a two-year-old boy when everybody else is going outside to play. He'll beat you with his shoes and claw at your arms because he thinks you don't understand that he wants to put his shoes on and go outside.

We are blessed that he likes the inhaler. We have an Easivent which is a chamber that attaches onto the inhaler and lets him inhale the albuterol more easily. He loves to use it. He hated the nebulizer which was noisy and took a long time (well, long for a two-year-old), but he gets immediate relief with the inhaler so he's willing to use it. If we tell him it's time to "breathe his special air," he just sits right down and does it.

We still have to use the inhaler if he's doing some heavy play (like if he's on the playground equipment or running around a lot), but he's no longer puking. Most especially, he's no longer puking when he gets worked up from not being allowed to do something he wants to do (like bite his brother or climb the furniture or do something else besides use the nebulizer). That's a truly great thing in itself.