Monday, June 12, 2006

I Am Ill Today

Actually, I've been ill all weekend, why should today be any different? ;)

I have come down with mastitis, and although my fever broke this morning, I'm still going to the doctor this afternoon, as it's threatening to come back. For those who might not know what it is, mastitis is a very painful infection of the nursing breast. The pain is at its worst while nursing, but you can't avoid nursing while you have mastitis, because if you do, it will only get worse as the milk builds and builds. The pain is so bad that whenever you lay down to nurse (and you will want to lay down, so that you don't fall down), you should bring a pillow with you to grasp with your free hand, to keep your fingernails from penetrating the skin of your palm. It is usually accompanied by fever, so the shaking from the chills makes it even harder to nurse.

Mastitis is usually caused by overwork or stress. You get all wound up, and part of your milk doesn't let down, and things just back up in there and an infection grows. Personally, I blame my mastitis on my drinking problem. I get so tired that I can't think, and I just have a drink... of cola... to perk me up. Soon I was drinking the stuff two or three times a day. I loved that I was able to actually get enough done that I could keep up with the kids' destructive pace. The caffeine masked my body's signals that it was wearing thin. I kept saying I should lay down and take a rest, but then Bagel would break a glass, and Sonshine would steal Princess' toy, and Princess would steal Sonshine's toy, and by then it was time to cook "foo-foo" again.

I spent yesterday in bed. Obviously that's not an option today, since FH is at work. I've already had to sweep up one broken glass, and as it is the kids have eaten leftover pizza from last night for breakfast and lunch because I'm still too weak to cook a proper meal for them.

I'll go and lay down now, and gather my strength to go to the doctor. Sitting up is a chore at the moment.