Monday, June 05, 2006

Now I Know Where Not To Send My Daughter

Since there were no customers at Deseret Peak Days, I got to watch the entertainment, some of which consisted of performances by local dance troupes. We're going to put Princess in some sort of lesson of her choice, and she's leaning toward dance lessons, so I took this as an opportunity to audition various dance academies. And I decided that no way in hell is she ever going to study dance at N Sync here in Tooele.

They did nothing but "hip hop" style dance, in costumes that made me wonder why they didn't bring a pole. Spangly handkerchief tops. Extra-curly hairpieces. Bare navels. Skintight gold lame low-rider pants. The pants were so tight that they made normal twelve-year-old girls look like they had belly rolls. The poor girls couldn't even dance in those getups without showing underwear out the back every time they bent over-- and they bent over pretty frequently, with their backsides to the audience and their legs apart. And we wonder why child molesters come after our daughters.