Sunday, June 04, 2006

Tooele Officially Sucks For Business

I spent the weekend roasting in the sun at Deseret Peak Days. I made a grand total of... one dollar.

I had been debating whether to get a booth there or not. I ended up sharing a booth with some ladies I met online. We had a 10x20 booth and we split it ten ways. I brought only my onesies, since I didn't think anything organic had much of a chance. I sold exactly one onesie, which paid for my share of the booth fee.

This show was advertised. It was outside of a PRCA Rodeo event. There were signs all over everything. There was a karaoke contest and all kinds of events. There was a free bouncy slide for the kids (although they started charging for it on Saturday). The promoters did everything they could. And NOBODY came for the craft show. Tons of people came for the rodeo and walked right on by the booths, never looking to one side or the other.

I've already paid for a space at Tooele's 4th of July, so I'll do it. But I'm officially giving up on ever selling anything to these cheap people who can't be bothered to look at anything that isn't on four legs or on a shelf at Wal-Mart.