Monday, June 05, 2006

Bagel Sits On The Potty

Lately Bagel has taken an interest in the potty. He's started becoming more aware of when he has bowel movements and such. And today he finally asked to sit on the potty. It was too late, of course; he had already pooped in his diaper. But he's not even two; what do you expect? I certainly didn't expect him to be interested in the potty this soon, so I'm just happy for his interest.

After he sat on the potty this afternoon, I went out to the garage and got out the little training potty, washed the dust off and put it in the bathroom. I told him it was his own potty and he liked it so much that this evening he decided to try it out. He had me take off his diaper and he sat on it, confident that if he just sat long enough, poop would come out. Once again, though, he'd already pooped in his diaper, so it was futile, but he had to see for himself. We sat with him and read the potty book over and over again, with him checking periodically to see if poo had come out. He was clearly disappointed, but I made sure to praise him and let him know we were proud of him just for trying, and that when he succeeded, he would be able to wear Big Boy Pants.