Thursday, June 22, 2006

Help Me Find Something

Is there such a thing as a service like Netflix, but for books instead of movies? Where for a membership fee you could borrow books and mail them back? I'd totally go for that. Our library is great, if you're into bestselling crime fiction and romance novels, which I'm sooooo not. Anything you want to get through interlibrary loan is $2.50 a book, and I can read so voraciously that I could easily rack up a $50 library bill in a month. My Amazon wish list just keeps getting longer and longer. Help!

UPDATE: I found several services of this type that offer audio books and paperback books, but dammit, I want to read new books! I can't wait until they come out in paperback! And audio books are nice... IF you can get the kids to quit whining at you long enough to actually hear them, and IF they don't have any dirty words or non-kid-friendly topics in them... and those are two really big ifs.