Thursday, July 20, 2006

Please Don't Bash The Mormons

Well, folks, it's time to git out yer Mormon-bashing stick and get over to IMAO, where there's some good ol-fashioned Mormon bashing to be had! (The post itself is fine, it's the comments.)

Seriously, it never ceases to amaze me what people will say and do about the "Mormon problem". In total ignorance of our beliefs, they will go out of their way to tell everyone how horrible we are over some doctrinal difference. They justify it by saying "well, you believe X, Y, and Z that's different from the truth!" What a disingenuous load of steaming horse crap. I mean, honestly, they have more doctrinal differences with Muslims, but nobody goes out to picket the open house of a brand new mosque or pass out flyers or get their panties in a wad over their belief that Mohammed was a prophet. People will make fun of Mormons but not Muslims because there's no Council for American Mormon Relations. Mormons don't make nasty publicity about our attackers; there's no radical faction of Mormons that blows stuff up in the name of God; we just sit there and take it. So like a kid who knows his mom's not gonna hit him back, they rail at us to express their immaturity and unconfidence in their own beliefs. Honestly, it sometimes gets so bad that it makes the Danites sound like not such a bad idea.

They also justify their attacks by saying that Mormons insult them by coming to their doors. Again, another flaming sack of poo. Do they also maintain that people who send them junk mail have offended them? That door-to-door salesmen are a menace that needs to be stopped? Do they rant at Girl Scouts selling cookies that they are misguided little feminazis-in-training? My experience selling Girl Scout cookies tells me no.

If Mormon-bashers spent half the time they spend trying to defeat this specific church out there helping the poor and needy and teaching them their version of the truth, this world (and likely the next, even in their point of view) will be a much better place. But they don't. It's easier to make fun of someone who's out there putting in the effort to try to build something worth having, than it is to go out and build something worth having yourself. So when you Mormon-haters go out and bash my church, keep that in mind. You rant about how we're not going to change your mind, but guess what? it works both ways. If it's impossible to change someone's mind, then your efforts to change our minds are also pointless.