Monday, July 31, 2006

Tooele County Fair

I went today to enter stuff in the Tooele County Fair. I entered about half a dozen dish scrubbers including the brand-new penguin scrubber, the rainbow dishcloths and the "fire" dishcloths, a skillet handle cover, four onesies and two bibs, a hat, a poncho and a soap-holding turtle that I did for a special order that never panned out. The ladies entering my stuff were very kind and did all kinds of mental gymnastics to find categories for all my dish scrubbers (they don't have a category for dish scrubbers and you can only enter one item per category).

I'm hoping for a nice blue-ribbon sweep like I got two years ago in the Cache County Fair. I don't know if the judges here will appreciate my kind of ingenuity, though. Anything that leaps out of the Wal-Mart mold just goes right over the heads of Tooelians.