Friday, August 13, 2004

County Fair

I entered seven items in the County Fair and I promised my three blog readers (two now that M's on vacation) that I would post pictures of anything that won a ribbon. Hold onto your bandwidth, folks, because all seven of them won ribbons. The dishcloths got second place, but everything else got first place and the snowflake dress also got an "Honorable Mention" ribbon, about which I know nothing except that it's pink.

Snowflake Dress
(My own design)

Poinsettia dress
(My own design)

Bagel's organic cotton booties

Oven Mitts



(this picture was taken earlier; the picture of the shawl in the glass case with first-place ribbon was really full of reflections and the shawl looked like a big gray lump)
The shawl is made of yarn that I handspun out of locally grown, naturally colored wool, and was made to a pattern from the 1800's.