Monday, August 09, 2004

County Fair

I went this morning and entered some of my work in the county fair. I entered the shawl I made for M out of locally-grown naturally-colored wool yarn I spun myself on a drop spindle; the last two Christmas dresses that I'd designed for Tiny Princess-- the "snowflake dress" and the "poinsettia dress"; the set of oven mitts, dishcloths, and scrubber that I'd made; and Bagel's organic cotton booties. Tiny Princess, when she wasn't fighting with Sonshine over who had a millisecond-longer turn pushing Bagel's stroller, repeatedly expressed her opinion that I'd better win a prize. And I kept on telling her that it would be fun just to enter, and if I win a prize it would be even more fun. She's awfully focused on winning, so I'm trying to help her appreciate that it can be fun just to compete even if you don't win.

If I do win, however, I'll post pictures of my winning items on the blog. I could find out as soon as Thursday, when the fair opens; but I'll probably find out Friday or Saturday, since we will probably not go to the fair until then.