Monday, August 09, 2004

Gardeners' Market Report

I did end up attending the Gardeners' Market, since M does not have a vehicle large enough to transport all the stuff. We grossed $65, which is a nice contrast to the $48 we grossed last week ($38 of that $48 was M's, so I was sorely disappointed). The lack of sales the week before last gave me some time to make more merchandise in the non-organic cotton, which is pictured in one of the posts below. (I did end up entering that set in the County Fair.)

I need to make many, many more of the sage green organic hot mitts and the turtle-shaped scrubbers. They are both hot items and I sell out of those frequently. I would like to try the turtle scrubbers on eBay and see how they do there.

I finally got over to the Spirit Goat booth and spoke to the lady who sells goat's milk soap there. I'd been meaning to talk to her for ages, about doing some advertising of each other's products. I designed a scrubby soap holder just the right size for her soaps, and offered to put a bar of her soap and a sign with it directing people to her booth, if she would do the same and direct people to my booth. Our booths are usually near each other, so I thought it might be a good idea.

The Spirit Goat lady told me of the existence of the Winter Market, a sort of Gardeners' Market in November, only without the fresh produce. November would be an excellent time for me to sell gift sets, since people are starting to think about Christmas, and there is usually another round of weddings at that time of year.