Thursday, August 05, 2004

This Week's Products

Just in case anyone out there happened to wonder exactly what sort of products I sell at the Gardeners' Market, here is what I've made so far this week:

The little square thingys are dish scrubbers that have a rougher nylon side and a cotton side and a cotton strap across the back, to go around your hand. The things that look like mittens are oven mitts (the small red one is a toy oven mitt for kids' toy kitchens). The long skinny thing in the bottom row left is a handle cover for a cast iron skillet (someone asked me to make one) and everything else is a dishcloth. The set of mitts that is second from right on the top row is the one I'm thinking seriously about entering in the county fair, because I'm very proud of the way I blended the colors.

You can see M's books here.