Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Real Sweatshop

People who live in the richest country on earth complain that people in poorer countries work for a buck or two an hour in sweatshops (never mind that those are good wages where they live).

Now think of a woman making $5.15 an hour. Maybe she's not a single mom, but is working for extra dough to help pay the bills. She has to pay $2.50 per hour per child for day care. Suppose she has one child. Every hour she's at work is an hour she has to pay for child care, so she's effectively making $2.65 an hour. If she has two kids, she's only getting 15 cents an hour, and if she has 3 or more kids she's paying for the privilege of working. But, but, this is a GOOD thing because women should be in the workforce, RIGHT???

Who works in the sweatshop now?