Monday, April 03, 2006

Adventures in Toilet Repair, Part 2

I spoke waaaaaay too soon in my earlier post about fixing the toilet. Replacing the bolts and the gasket didn't help at all. The tank just kept right on leaking. I tried tightening the bolts down a bit, but it didn't stop. Then I got a flush valve and replaced it too (although I did have help with that one from a neighbor, since by then it was Friday and my in-laws were on their way to the airport coming to visit me), along with the gasket (again) as we noticed that the brand-new gasket I'd just put in was, for some inadequately explained reason, porous. We looked for cracks in the tank, but couldn't find a single one.

While complaining about the toilet to my sister, she said, "Why don't you just replace the tank? We got one at Lowe's for $15." It was a brilliant idea. I went to Home Depot this morning and I got a new tank for $24. (It costs about $10 in gas and an hour of time to drive to the nearest Lowe's, so it wasn't worth checking to see if they had a cheaper one.) This tank is the same brand as our toilet and appears to be absolutely identical to our old toilet tank in every respect save one: it does not leak.

The tank is now happily installed and it works just fine. It needs a bit of adjustment to the ballcock, but other than that it is great and required only a small wrench to install. It's been an hour and a half now, and the toilet still fails to leak. I'm not quite ready to declare victory yet, but the tide of battle has definitely turned in our favor and (I hope) is almost over.

UPDATE 4/4/06: The toilet continues to fail to leak and the ballcock is now properly adjusted. Yay!