Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bring Back The Yellow Card!

When my older two kids were immunized, they recorded the immunizations on a little yellow card, as well as in the computer. This yellow card was nice because you could take it places. You could take it with you every time you got your child immunized; you could use it to fill out forms for school. They would rubber-stamp it with a little old fashioned date stamp.

When Bagel was born, though, they told me they were no longer giving out yellow cards; they were doing everything on the computer now. If I wanted a printout, they could give me one, but there would be no more stamping of the yellow card because it was just getting too unworkable. Parents would forget to bring their yellow cards for shots, and it was just too much trouble to do all those rubber stamps. The computer system is supposed to be easier for doctors to access.

Well, now if I want a copy of my kid's immunization record, I have to ask for it from somebody. I don't ever have a current copy because they don't enter shots in the same time they give them, at least not at the doctor's office that we went to before. This wonderful computer system can only be accessed by begging somebody with access to make a printout for you.

I want my yellow cards! I want to have immediate access to my child's entire immunization record! I don't want to have to drag my kids down to the Health Department to get copies of their shot records every time I need one!