Monday, March 13, 2006

Should I Or Shouldn't I?

Late last week I was invited to be a vendor at Baby Animal Days at the American West Heritage Center. For non-Loganites: this is a Big Event in the Logan area. Kids adore Baby Animal Days and drag their grown-ups out to see it every year. There are, of course, soft fuzzy baby animals of every sort available to pet, and loads of kids' activities. This means that for grown-ups, shopping at the booths is the highlight of the whole experience. So this has the potential to get me at least a few hundred, probably more like $500 in sales. I'm trying to decide whether or not to go, but I have to decide NOW because the application is due the end of the week.

I'm leaning toward going, but here are the pros and cons. I rely on my trusty blogreaders to help me make the final decision.

  • I already have enough merchandise, the EZ-UP canopy, the tables, and all the equipment I'd need to fully stock a really great booth.
  • I really need to sell some stuff if I want to make some money.
  • My brand is already established in Logan.
  • We are going up to Logan that weekend anyway, because it's Easter weekend; we'd just have to go a couple days early.
  • The kids have those days off of school.
  • The kids would get to go to Baby Animal Days and pet all the fuzzy soft animals.
  • Family members will be available to watch the kids when they're not off petting all the fuzzy soft animals.
  • We would have to load all of the above merchandise, EZ-UP, tables, and equipment (plus our luggage) into (or more likely onto the roof of) a van, most of whose seats will be occupied by small fussy children.
  • This would be the same van that has 120,000 miles on it, that just had the engine repaired and whose struts are making a Bad Car Noise.
  • Small fussy children make many bathroom stops on a two-hour drive, most of which I anticipate will need to be made while driving through Sardine Canyon, if only because that stretch of road has no rest areas whatsoever.
  • I will need to keep Knuckles with me at all times in my booth, because he nurses too frequently to be left at anyone's house.
  • The weather may not be sunny and bright, which means the ground may not be solid and unslippery, and the air may not be dry and warm. You don't want a newborn child out in weather like that.
  • Leaving early Thursday morning would involve leaving Favorite Husband at home, all by himself, without anyone cooking food for him, for at least one night. FH would follow us up to Logan after work on Friday-- if he hasn't yet fainted from hunger.
  • I really don't have the money right now, although FH has offered me a short-term loan from his laptop fund.
So, guys, whaddya think? Should I go?

UPDATE: I sent in the application.