Thursday, December 02, 2004

Foot Update

I finally broke down and went to the doctor about my foot. It felt much better after a night's sleep elevated on a pillow, but as soon as I started using it again it was right back to the same level of pain I was in last night.

The doctor X-rayed my foot and couldn't find any obvious broken bones, which didn't surprise me as I could tell it wasn't broken. Broken bones swell up and get nasty-looking inside of 24 hours, and this had never swollen at all. He said it might be a stress fracture, because they don't show up sometimes on X-rays, or it might just be a ligament that got stretched all out of whack when I twisted my foot last Monday. But the only way to find out would be to inject a dye and do a bone scan, and we're kinda between health insurance plans right now. So he gave me a special shoe to wear, told me to take some ibuprofen, and sent me home.

The shoe seems to be working. Of course the foot still hurts, but I can stand on it now without appreciably increasing the amount of pain it's in. I'm not going to be taking any recreational walks anytime soon, but at least now I can go drag in the garbage cans that have been sitting out there since Monday. I asked F.H. to bring them in for me, but even severe pain in my foot couldn't drag him away from the phone, which he talked on all evening bragging about his new job to every friend he's got.