Monday, November 29, 2004


I'm still trying to figure out what's so offensive about a sign that a church put up to advertise a sermon entitled "Why I Am Not A Muslim". Evidently a bunch of Muslims are deeply offended by this sign and want it taken down. Which aspect of the sign is offensive to them: that there are people who are not Muslims? That some of them might have reasons to not be Muslims? Or that some of them might wish to tell others those reasons?

I often make the comparison between Muslims and Mormons when it comes to issues of anti-particular-religion sentiment, and I just as often come to the conclusion that the Muslims should stuff it. We Mormons have for years been on the receiving end of often-vicious anti-Mormon campaigns, but so long as these don't amount to violence against Mormons, we don't seek the assistance of government in stamping them out, because we also believe in freedom to worship. To combat untruths being put out about us, we simply work harder to get the real truth out there so that people can make up their own minds. If Islam is such a great religion, its own merits should recommend it. Perhaps those who find the sign objectionable should hold their own sermon entitled "Why I Am A Muslim."