Saturday, November 27, 2004

Blogad Follies

I need to relax. I'm getting way too frustrated at my attempt to start a BlogAds campaign to promote my website.

On Monday or so I ordered a BlogAd on and I wanted it to start Wednesday. I got the date wrong (I'd put Thursday's date instead) so I changed it to Wednesday. Then my ad was rejected by the site owner. He was trying to be polite, but he basically said it was because he didn't like the lighting and backgrounds in my pictures. I would dearly have loved to advise him that if he wants to be picky he has two nostrils, but I didn't. So no gratuitous link for him.

I immediately ordered another ad on, and it was promptly approved within hours of its placement. Unfortunately, this is a site with not much traffic, and over half the clickthrus I've gotten on the ad have come from relatives and friends helping me test the ad. Yes, I know it's Thanksgiving and everyone's in a turkey coma and not on the internet. But I did a bit of quick math, and decided I needed more exposure. So I ordered an ad on The Spoons Experience, partly because they were cheap, partly because they have a link from Instapundit and partly because my friend likes their blog.

Unfortunately, Mr. Spoons threw his back out, and I guess that means he's not checking his e-mail or approving BlogAds or such things, seeing as how he is now laying flat on his back. I wish him a speedy recovery, partly because I wish the best for people in general and sick people especially, and partly because I'm so damned impatient and sick of waiting to see if my ad is rejected. I don't like rejection and if it's going to happen, I want to get it over with NOW.

UPDATE: It's about noon on Sunday and I just checked-- my ad is up on Spoons, and it's at the top of the adstrip! Yay!!