Monday, November 29, 2004

Geez, It's Just A Parking Spot!!

When I was just a young undergraduate, I didn't have a car. Parking on campus was at a premium. Students with cars would circle the lot for 15 minutes or more waiting for a spot to open up. We called them "parking sharks", and for good reason.

A friend of mine offered me a ride in her car to the store one day. As she pulled out of her spot, three people lined up to try to take it (two from one direction and one from the other). As she pulled out, the person who got there second jumped forward and attempted to take the spot, hitting the parked car on one side of the spot. Then he backed up to straighten out in the spot, but the only way he could do it without actually pulling his nose out of the spot was to hit the car on the other side, which he did. This driver hit two parked cars to get my friend's parking spot. I simply cannot imagine wanting a parking spot badly enough to damage two other cars.

I thought that was bad, until I read this morning about a woman who wanted a parking spot badly enough to hit a person. Geez, people, it's just a parking spot! Park farther away and walk your lardy butt into the store! You could probably use the exercise, and if the parking lot is that busy it'll probably be faster to walk!