Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Interesting Day

Today is proving to be an interesting day. Favorite Husband started his new job today. He asked me if I'd go start his car for him as I was leaving to take the kids to school. I went to start it and it-- wouldn't-- start. For about half a second when I turned it on, the car did the usual car things-- the automatic seatbelts moved, etc.-- and then just nothing. No starter cranking over, nothing. I quickly rushed to get the kids to school; I had just enough time to get them there, come back home, and pick him up in time to start his new job. But when I got home he and his car were gone, so he must have figured out a way to get it started.

I did a private show today at my mom's elementary school. I did it mostly because my mom was nice enough to set up the appointment and make all the arrangements, and I didn't have very high expectations. The show went very well, though, and was well worth my trip. I sold nearly a hundred dollars' worth of merchandise. Many thanks to my mom for arranging this!

I've done all this running around today with an aching foot. Last Monday I fell and twisted my foot running after a recalcitrant Sonshine. I felt something go "snap"-- not like it was breaking, more like something "clicked"-- and it's been hurting ever since. It had gotten a bit better, but today it really hurt, and then I had to run around on it, taking loads of merchandise from car to school and back again, opening car doors, wandering about the library, etc. etc. If I know what's good for me, I'll stay off of it. We are supposed to get our Christmas tree today, so I may have to send F.H. with the older kids to buy it and bring it home while I rest my poor foot.