Friday, June 04, 2010

"He's dead!"

Knuckles is supervising while I cook dinner. Tonight it's "breakfast for dinner" because at the time I was supposed to be starting the pizza dough, I was a bit occupied with trying to keep three boys from killing each other simultaneously or in pairs.

I bring the big bag of frozen hash browns out of the freezer. On the bag is a cute little anthropomorphic potato cowboy. "There's Mr. 'Tato!" squeals Knuckles. "Yes, Mr. Potato!" I echo. "He's dead," Knuckles intones solemnly.

"He's dead?"
"When did he die?" I ask respectfully.

"He died in THERE!" said Knuckles, and pointed to the bag of hash browns.

Oh boy.

"I'm gonna EAT him!" says Knuckles, cheerily.

Oh boy oh boy...

"And I'm gonna eat Mr. Bread with an EGG!"

Is it really cannibalism if it's only anthropomorphic food?

Robin Hood Series

I've been watching the Robin Hood TV series (from Britain) on Netflix and really enjoying it. I was hooked in the first episode when Robin shows some basic understanding of the Laffer Curve. There are quite a few references to modern culture, but this really isn't a period piece. The costumes alone give that away. The ones that aren't totally anachronistic look like the fruit of a union between a 1980's-vintage fabric store bargain table and the winners of an SCA Bad Garb Contest. (A lime green T-shirt with some rags wrapped around it? A camouflage surcoat with rope topstitching? A tunic made of crackle-paint print upholstery fabric? Really???) I totally understand low budget, but come on. I did an entire production of Romeo and Juliet on $600 once, and I shopped the bargain table too, and the costumes looked a hell of a lot better than that. Making fun of the costumes is part of the enjoyment, I suppose! There is one good side: I've watched several episodes, and so far I haven't seen any panne velvet. I cringe every time I see that stuff.

So if you're looking for a period piece, don't watch the Robin Hood TV series. But if you liked BBC's Merlin series, or Legend Of The Seeker, you'll like this one.