Friday, June 04, 2010

Robin Hood Series

I've been watching the Robin Hood TV series (from Britain) on Netflix and really enjoying it. I was hooked in the first episode when Robin shows some basic understanding of the Laffer Curve. There are quite a few references to modern culture, but this really isn't a period piece. The costumes alone give that away. The ones that aren't totally anachronistic look like the fruit of a union between a 1980's-vintage fabric store bargain table and the winners of an SCA Bad Garb Contest. (A lime green T-shirt with some rags wrapped around it? A camouflage surcoat with rope topstitching? A tunic made of crackle-paint print upholstery fabric? Really???) I totally understand low budget, but come on. I did an entire production of Romeo and Juliet on $600 once, and I shopped the bargain table too, and the costumes looked a hell of a lot better than that. Making fun of the costumes is part of the enjoyment, I suppose! There is one good side: I've watched several episodes, and so far I haven't seen any panne velvet. I cringe every time I see that stuff.

So if you're looking for a period piece, don't watch the Robin Hood TV series. But if you liked BBC's Merlin series, or Legend Of The Seeker, you'll like this one.