Sunday, May 02, 2010


I can't wait for the last frost to plant my plants outside. I started just about everything indoors. We've got about a week or two to go until planting time, and one of the tomato plants has eaten Los Angeles. Seriously, it's about two feet tall. It was less than a foot tall a couple weeks ago when I repotted it from its little peat pot into a gallon pot full of the garden soil I've prepared with bunny poo. Now it's enormous and it's starting to set flowers. You gotta love bunny poo. Is there anything it can't do for your garden?

Since then I've been repotting some of the larger plants into planters made from milk cartons. The zucchini plant has taken off and is also blooming. I brought in a flowerpot from outside to repot one of the tomatoes in, but it must have had ants sleeping in it because the next morning we had an ant problem. I treated it with a 1:2 white vinegar solution. So now my living room smells like vinegar and tomatoes, and it's making me hungry.